Measure: 19.2.1.X Support for local development LEADER – Community Led Local Development


Type of action: providing information to develop knowledge and usability of rural territories.


Operation description: Creating services and tools for promotion and preparation of an integrated plan for tourism. Information initiatives aimed at broadening awareness of the system of touristic sites available in the rural areas.


Objectives: to stimulate local development in rural areas. To favour an increase in the influx of tourism to include less-visited areas and in low season.


Results obtained: Creation of Websites – Publications


Amount financed: 23,200.00 €

An initiative financed by the programme for rural development for the Veneto Region 2014-2020
The body responsible for information: Friends of the Museo del Vino di Ca’ Rugate
Managing authority: Veneto Regional Authorities – EAFRD and Forestry Management