Enomuseo - Territori-Soave


The Soave Classico block represents one of the most important wine-growing territories on both a regional and national level. It was considered the very first area of typical production, defined in 1931 and recognised with Royal decree in 1936, then the first Veneto DOC area (1968) and the first DOCG of the Veneto (with Recioto) in 1998.
The Soave Classico territory extends for 1,200 hectares, to the east of the Verona province.
It straddles two different districts, Soave and Monteforte d’Alpone, on entirely volcanic soil.


Enomuseo - Territori-Valpolicella


The area of production of the denomination covers the whole strip of foothills of the Verona province, extending for 8,300 hectares, including 19 districts.
Consisting of valleys that lie in a north-south direction, Valpolicella is ideally arranged as a fan of valleys spreading out from Verona. The landscape is largely hilly, with gentle slopes and watersheds at the lower levels.


Enomuseo - Territori-LessiniDurello


The denomination of Lessini Durello is reserved for wines obtained from the Durella grape variety, grown in particular hillside terrains of the Lessini mountains in the provinces of Verona and Vicenza, which spread across 530 hectares. It is one of the wine-growing areas of the Veneto characterised by greatest height, on average lying above 450 meters above sea level.

90 Ettari

“Memory is the treasury
and guardian
of all things.”CICERO


A permanent exhibition that recounts the agricultural and wine producing activity of the Tessari family.

Recognised as a Museum of Regional interest by the Veneto Region.


Via Pergola, 36
Montecchia di Crosara (VR)

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